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Hello, and welcome to Deep Fryer Reviews Depot. My name is Jenny Malbon, and I’m a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to Deep Fryers. My father owns his own chain of restaurants, and I’m the person who trials new appliances. Because we rely on our deep fryers, I am always testing new models to try and improve the efficiency and taste of our food. That’s why I decided to create this website. I want to help you to make an educated purchasing decision through reading my Deep Fryer Reviews. The short and simple version, is that no deep fryer is the same. Each deep fryer has different features, different cooking options and a different price tag. So, sit back and read through my reviews!


  • Best Deep Fryers 2014

  • Cuisinart CDF-100

  • Cuisinart CDF-100
  • DIMENSIONS11 x 8 x 7.5
  • WEIGHT6 Pounds
  • OIL CAPACITY1.1 Liter
  • WARRANTY1 Year
  • REVIEWS260+ Reviews
  • Waring Pro DF280

  • Waring DF280
  • DIMENSIONS12.8 x 12.8 x 18.5
  • WEIGHT10 Pounds
  • OIL CAPACITY3.7 Liter
  • WARRANTY1 Year
  • REVIEWS230+ Reviews
  • Presto 05466

  • Presto 05466
  • DIMENSIONS19 x 12 x 12
  • WEIGHT11 Pounds
  • OIL CAPACITY4.7 Liter
  • WARRANTY1 Year
  • REVIEWS560+ Reviews

Here at Deep Fryer Reviews Depot, I analyze and review the absolute Best Deep Fryers on the market to help you to make an educated purchase time and time again. Unlike many other sites, I am completely independent and do not accept any form of paid reviews. All of my reviews are completely unbiased, and I try to be as comprehensive as possible when I try, test and review each deep fryer. I also include a rating scoring system to help you understand the model’s best features, and reviews from consumers where possible.

Deep Fryer

Deep Fryers are great and serve as an everyday household appliance that effectively allow you to quickly and easily cook up tasty fried food. While Deep Fryers have often been labelled as being extremely unhealthy, we find that it’s all down to what oil you choose to use. With a Deep Fryer, you’ll be able to easily conjure up delicious tasting meals such as french fries, chips, chicken wings, fish and more. As long as the packet says that the food you have purchased can be deep fried – then you’ll have no problem whatsoever. But, what exactly do you look for in the perfect deep fryer? How do you distinguish the good from the bad? Carry on reading to find out how, and I’ll share my expertise with you too!

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While determining what appliance you need boils down to your individual circumstances, it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the key features. Here’s some of the key points that you should consider when purchasing a deep fryer:

  • Deep Fryer Size; When looking to purchase a new Deep Fryer for your home, always consider the size of the fryer as this is most likely the most important feature to consider. Unfortunately, some Deep Fryers only accommodate for 2-cups or 3-cups, which is often insufficient for cooking meals for a whole family. As such, you’ll want to look for Deep Fryers which support 8 cups or more, especially if you intend to serve two or more people at a time.
  • Basket; Another important point to consider is the basket, and whether it can rotate or not. Some newer models of Deep Fryers have an innovation known as a “rotating basket”, which effectively causes the food basket to rotate through the hot oil for a quicker cooking time. If you find yourself using your deep fryer regularly, you’ll find that a rotating basket will save you lots of time in the long-term.
  • Temperature Control; Depending on the types of food you’ll be cooking, you may need to invest in a model which has a temperature dial. Some cheaper and more affordable models will only have three settings, such as “Low”, “Medium” and “High”. If you opt for a deep fryer that has a more advanced temperature system, you’ll be able to select the exact Celsius or Fahrenheit which you want to cook at; which is helpful especially for cooking meats.
  • Safety Control; As with any kitchen appliance, you’ll want to choose a model which has passed the safety requirements set by the Government. While most suppliers will clearly list their feats and strengths, it’s often a bad thing not to see safety certificates. Some kitchen appliance safety programs are voluntary, and typically, these are the hardest to achieve. Always do your research and find out whether there has been any recorded accidents.
  • Best Reviews; It’s important to consider that every deep fryer model will have different consumer reviews, and everybody will have a different opinion on each model. As such, it’s best to visit websites such as the Deep Fryer Reviews Depot to compare the best deep fryers for 2015.

On top of this, it’s important to note that cooking crispy, delicious fried food is an art form. It’s often easy to look at fast food workers and assume that all they do is place chicken into a basket and leave it there – but you couldn’t be more wrong. Deep frying food has seen many changes over the year, and it’s imperative that you understand what affects the way food looks, tastes and feels in your mouth.

For example, simply changing what Deep Fryer oil you use could greatly change the texture and crispness of the food. Likewise, cleaning your deep fryer will be something that needs to be done regularly. As the oil builds up and becomes dirty, this dirt will quickly start transferring across to the food. If you want to learn more about how to perfectly cook deep fried food, and other useful information, feel free to read the following articles:


Waring Pro DF280

Waring Pro DF-280

Presto 05466

Presto 05466

Cuisinart CDF-100

Cuisinart CDF-100

Aroma ADF-232

Aroma ADF-232